Navigating ASU Admissions: Contact Information and Guidance

Applying to university can be a challenging process, full of questions and uncertainties. At Arizona State University (ASU), the admissions team is ready to help prospective students navigate this journey smoothly. Whether you’re a first-time freshman, a transfer student, an international applicant, or interested in graduate studies, ASU offers various resources and contact methods to assist you. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting in touch with ASU Admissions.

Contact Options for Prospective Students

1. Phone and Email

For immediate assistance, prospective and current applicants can contact the ASU Admissions Office by phone or email. This is particularly useful for quick queries or clarifications regarding the application process, deadlines, or admission requirements.

  • Undergraduate Admissions: You can reach them at (855) ASU-5080 (855-278-5080) if you’re calling from within the United States. For more detailed queries, you can email them at
  • Graduate Admissions: Graduate applicants can contact (480) 965-6113 or send an email to

2. Live Chat

ASU’s website features a live chat option where you can communicate directly with an admissions representative. This tool is ideal for getting real-time responses to your concerns and is operational during business hours.

3. Virtual and In-Person Appointments

To provide personalized guidance, ASU offers the option to schedule either virtual or in-person appointments with an admissions representative. These sessions are especially useful for discussing specific situations like transferring credits, understanding specific program requirements, or learning more about campus life.

4. Social Media and Online Forums

ASU Admissions is active on several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These channels are not only great for getting updates about the university but also for asking informal questions. Additionally, prospective students can join ASU-specific forums and discussion groups to connect with current students and other applicants.

Resources Offered by ASU Admissions

  • Application Portal: ASU’s application portal guides you step-by-step through the application process and is the hub for all application-related tasks.
  • ASU Info Sessions: Regularly scheduled information sessions, both online and on-campus, provide valuable insights into life at ASU, academic programs, and the admissions process.
  • Virtual Tours: For those unable to visit the campus, ASU offers virtual tours that showcase campus facilities, housing, and various points of interest around the university.
  • Advising: Academic advisors are available to discuss degree programs and career outcomes, helping you make an informed decision about your educational path.

Tips for Contacting ASU Admissions

  • Be specific in your queries: To get the most effective answers, be clear and specific about your questions.
  • Have your information ready: If you have already applied, have your application ID handy. This will help the admissions team find your details quickly and provide precise information.
  • Follow up: If your question requires more than a simple answer, don’t hesitate to ask for further clarification or additional resources.

In conclusion, ASU provides numerous channels through which prospective students can get in touch with admissions representatives. From modern digital communication tools to traditional phone calls and personalized meetings, every student can find the right way to connect with ASU. Whether you need general information or specific advice, the ASU Admissions team is equipped to assist you on your path to becoming a Sun Devil.

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